CBCS Mystery Grade 2021: Carnage!

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CBCS Mystery Grade 2021: Carnage!

Disclaimer: You will be billed for your pre-ordered items at the time of purchase.  Due to the nature of collectibles, we cannot accept cancellations on pre-ordered items.  Please review your order carefully before final checkout. 

Your Mystery Grade will NOT ship until after our Facebook Live @MainstreamComics unboxing. This unique product TAKES TIME to be mailed to CBCS; graded by CBCS; & returned back to Mainstream. Between the estimated 10 week grading turn around time and shipping both ways we estimate this will take A LOOONG time before expect to schedule the Facebook Live unboxing. If you aren’t a patient person...be honest with yourself and DO NOT purchase this! 

If your are attempting to purchase this item with other items in our store to save on shipping...DO NOT do so unless you are comfortable waiting because we will ship them together, but your order won’t ship until AFTER this item arrives and the Facebook Live unboxing is completed. If you desire to receive those other items earlier just purchase those items in a different order. 

Shipment is headed to CBCS after SELL OUT. In the event sell out doesn’t occur within 7 days after listing (listed on 06/07 then we will ship out to CBCS then.

Ready for an epic fun experience?

Here’s what you get when you purchase a Mainstream Mystery Grade...

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The order you purchased in is the order you receive!

You are guaranteed to receive a CBCS graded copy of the comic book pictured above ...the mystery is what CBCS grade your book gets! Grades will vary...you could get a 9.0?9.2?9.4?9.6?9.8?9.9?What if you ended up with a 10.0!!!!!??????!!!!

We also offer an unbelievable Money Back Guarantee on our Mainstream Mystery Grade Editions. If you comic book comes back graded under 9.0 (8.5 or below) for any reason...we will refund your purchase 100% if you’d like...That’s the Mainstream Difference.