Facebook LIVE! @mainstreamcomics ⭐️SHOW #156⭐️ SPECIAL TUESDAY SHOW, 03/14/2023 @ 6:00pm PT

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Facebook LIVE! @mainstreamcomics ⭐️SHOW #156⭐️ SPECIAL TUESDAY SHOW, 03/14/2023 @ 6:00pm PT 


Guaranteed: to receive (1) Mystery Comic per admission. If you are available please attend our Facebook Live! Stream on 03/14/23. Simply visit @MainstreamComics via Facebook starting at 6pm Pacific Time! Can’t make the Live! Don’t worry…watch the replay whenever ;)


This week we will be giving away ONE special giveaway. If you purchase multiple admissions you do have multiple chances! The giveaway is a Frank Miller Ratio Variant! (See photo) What!?!?!

Plus we add 1 surprise giveaway for every 5 overall admissions total in the show. What that means is if between your order and other Mainiacs the total admissions is 22 then there will be 4 extra surprise giveaways!



Tracking #’s generated weekly (every FRIDAY). Orders are collected each week Wednesday starting at 9:00am PT thru the following Wednesday up until 8:59am PT. 

Packing occurs on FRIDAY and then USPS orders  are shipped on SATURDAY and UPS orders are shipped on MONDAY. 

We are a small “mom and pop” store and hope you understand our shipping only occurs once a week.


All orders placed will be eligible for the EPIC LEVEL MYSTERY WHEEL! Order # selection will occur each Wednesday, be based on the collected orders that week (Wednesday 9am PT thru next Wednesday at 8:59am PT). If we land on your Order # you’ll get a chance to get a FREE GRADED COMIC! How could that happen you ask? Your Order # will be placed on a wheel with “12” other “NO SLAB” spots. If you get lucky and your number HITS! We will ship you a surprise graded comic for FREE!

We ask if you get a comic book that you love...please share a pic via Instagram or Facebook & use our “hashtag” #imaluckyduckie & tag us using @mainstreamcomics

Disclaimer: You will be billed for your pre-ordered items at the time of purchase.  Due to the nature of collectibles, we cannot accept cancellations on pre-ordered items.  Please review your order carefully before final checkout. Your Mystery Show Books will NOT ship until after our Facebook Live @MainstreamComics show.