Facebook LIVE! @mainstreamcomics - Weekly Mystery Show - June 2021: LIVE! Date & Time: WEDNESDAY, 07/07/2021 @ 5:30pm PT

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Facebook LIVE! @mainstreamcomics - Weekly Mystery Show - June 2021: LIVE! Date & Time: WEDNESDAY, 07/07/2021 @ 5:30pm PT

This weeks live show theme is: Lucky Number 7!!!

Season 16, Episode 68

EPIC LEVEL MYSTERY WHEEL: your purchase places your order # with all the other collected order numbers between 06/30/21 starting at 9am PT thru 07/07/2021 ending at 8:59am PT. Your order # MAY be selected to spin the Epic Level Mystery Wheel. This specific weeks Epic Level Mystery Wheel Spin will occur on 07/07/21 at 630pm PT.

You do not have to be present, and if your order # HITS we will notify you. The spin will occur on Facebook LIVE! for transparency purposes!! 

 You are guaranteed to receive (1) Mystery comic for each admission purchased.

We will reveal the Lucky Duckie and Golden Duckie during the live show!

We ask if you get a comic book that you love...please share a pic via Instagram or Facebook & use our “hashtag” #imaluckyduckie & tag us using @mainstreamcomics

Disclaimer: You will be billed for your pre-ordered items at the time of purchase.  Due to the nature of collectibles, we cannot accept cancellations on pre-ordered items.  Please review your order carefully before final checkout. Your Mystery Show Books will NOT ship until after our Facebook Live @MainstreamComics show. Generally, your order will ship the same Saturday following the live show!

The Mainstream Mystery Show is your chance to be apart of our “live” show...and a random order # receives a “Golden Duckie.”

There is one Golden Duckie each week for our Mainstream Mystery Show!

What an exciting chance to end up with an extra special Freebie!

 -We will randomly select via Facebook Live the Mystery Show Order Number that will receive the weekly Mystery Show Golden Duckie!

-Each Mystery Show admission will come with one (1) mystery comic guaranteed!

-“Golden Duckies” are Third Party (CBCS/CGC) Graded comics or Special Comic Books/Sets and your order number may receive a “Golden Duckie.”


* Only (1) one Order Number will receive the Mainstream Mystery Show “Golden Duckie" each week