Graded Comics: CBCS 9.9 White Pages - Chicken Devil #1 Ratio

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Graded Comics: CBCS 9.9 White Pages - Chicken Devil #1 Ratio

All books graded 8.0 and up only have their FRONT cover photographed to allow the website to function faster. All books 7.5 & under have their FRONT & BACK covers photographed. Feel free to email PRIOR to purchasing if you desire any additional photos. We are here to serve!

Basics to CGC Cases:

Newton Rings: the inner well can press against the case and cause an “effect” that visual appears to look like “oil” or a “fluid” inside the case. This is super annoying!! However it CANNOT be prevented. Some cases have this issue and some don’t. We can not control this. CGC is guaranteeing that in their professional opinion these books are authentic and of a specific condition. They do not guarantee that your case will or will not have Newton Rings.

Minor Cosmetic Scratches to the Plastic Case: Our books are stored in a dark temperature controlled environment upright and in sleeves to minimum rubbing / scratches. That being said your case may arrive with minor cosmetic scratches. We do NOT guarantee that your PLASTIC CASE holding the book will arrive flawless. These cases are made of a plastic material that over time may have minor cosmetic scratches.