Luckier Duckie Comic Box - October 2021

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Luckier Duckie Comic Box - October 2021

🚨In in every 5 boxes will also have a CBCS graded comic as an added freebie! 🚨


*Each box purchased is Guaranteed to come with

(1) Marvel Comic Book

(1) DC Comic Book

(1) Indie Comic Book (publishers like Dark Horse, BOOM! Image, Aftershock, etc.)

(1) Number One Comic

(1) Variant Cover Comic

(1) Premium Artist Cover Comic (artists like Artgerm, Jim Lee, Peach Momoko, etc.)

(3) Lucky Duckies

(1) BeN Ruzicka Art Print


Your Order # will be placed on a special Mystery Wheel. One Order # will end up with promo book (see photo)

(This wheel spin will occur Wednesday, 10/27/2021 at 7:00pm PT via Facebook Live @MainstreamComics)


Tracking #’s generated weekly (each Wednesday night). Orders are collected each week Wednesday starting at 9:00am PT thru the following Wednesday up until 8:59am PT. 

Example: Purchase on Wednesday, 09/15/2021 at 9:05am. Your tracking # will be generated on 09/22/2021 by end of day. Orders go out every single week :)


All orders placed will be eligible for the EPIC LEVEL MYSTERY WHEEL! Wheel spins will occur each Wednesday, be based on the collected orders that week (Wednesday 9am PT thru next Wednesday at 8:59am PT).

 Comic Book Condition Disclaimer:

New Releases arrive in VF/NM condition from distributor. We immediately bag and board. We do NOT guarantee 9.8 condition. Please purchase graded comics if you desire 9.8 condition. Lucky Duckies, Flash Backs, Readers, Number 1, Premium Artist, and Variants conditions for vary. We attempt to provide “desirable” condition comic books. We are collectors at heart❤️, but as another friendly reminder the only way to guarantee you a 9.8 condition book is to sell you a 9.8 graded comic. 

Disclaimer: You will be billed for your pre-ordered items at the time of purchase.  Due to the nature of collectibles, we cannot accept cancellations on pre-ordered items.  Please review your order carefully before final checkout. Your order will NOT ship until the shipment schedule listed above.

Warning: Some titles you receive may be for Mature Readers. All purchasers are assumed 18+.