Mystery Dave Mystery Box 11 INDIES 📦ESTIMATED SHIPMENT DATE IS 07/13/22📦

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So the question is.. “who’s coming with me!?!”

Mystery Dave Mystery Box 11 attempts to go somewhere no one has gone before.

This time around our ultra premium ultra limited mystery box is going to focus ONLY on indie publishers!!!

What does this mean? What’s inside? What’s to be expected!?!

Let’s start with the guarantees!
BeN Ruzicka is going to sign, number, and create ONLY 10 custom watercolor headshots for this box. What’s a custom headshot you ask? You’ll tell us a favorite and we will get BeN to create you a unique collectible! Only rule is it has to be an indie character! You know I’d have BeN watercolor the Maxx!

11 number #1s! All indie stories. Don’t think of this box as a major value box…think of it as a unique reading and collecting experience. I’m not saying we aren’t going to have some books with some value…I’m saying this box is all about the stories!

Everything else really is going to be a mystery! This time around we are going to cover the cost of shipping and we’ve decided the price point for this indie box is going to be $250 bucks! Only 10 boxes will get made. We are estimating a ship date of 07/13/22.