Mystery Dave Mystery Box 5 (See Description for Ship Date)

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Mystery Dave Mystery Box 5 is going to be a “work of art.”

📦SHIP DATE📦: Shipping will occur after original sketches return from CBCS grading. Estimated grading time (4-6 working weeks)

What’s Inside

Each box purchased comes with the following...

-(1) Original “blank” sketch by Ben Ruzicka. After your purchase Mystery Dave will reach out to you personally to discuss the character YOU want to be drawn! Even better...Mystery Dave is going to get your sketch CBCS graded! This is a BIG deal! Your sketch will be “Signed & Sketched (yellow label) by BeN Ruzicka & we are going to have BeN number each sketch “Mystery Dave Mystery Box 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, etc. What makes this even more special is these will be part of the first run of graded labels with BeN’s name on it.

-(1) CGC/CBCS Graded Mystery “Golden Duckie”...with one will receive a KEY book. Conditions will vary as will values. 

-(5) Mystery Lucky Duckies. All will be store exclusives, ratio variants, or signed books. Values will vary.

-Your order number will be added to a Special Mystery Dave Mystery Box 5 Mystery Wheel!

One of the 10 Mystery Dave Mystery Box 5 Order #s will receive the HAWKMAN ORIGINAL ART AS AN EXTRA FREEBIE ($600 value).

One of the Mystery Dave Mystery Box 5 Order #s will receive the DAREDEVIL SIGNED GICLEE AS AN EXTRA FREEBIE ($300 value).

-(1) Epic Level Mystery Wheel Spin (No Go Numbers will be based on total orders received for the week of 01/13 (9:00am PT) - 01/20 (8:59am PT) *In the event you HIT the Epic Level Mystery Wheel and other MDMB5 purchasers have yet to spin, a new Epic Level Item will be added to the wheel to allow everyone the opportunity to spin.

- & More. If you’ve ever purchased a Mystery Dave Mystery Box you know we take the “& more” part very serious. This time around we are going to keep it a total secret.