New Comic Book Day Weekly Mystery Pull Box! 09/22/2021 RELEASES

SKU NCBD092221

New Comic Book Day Weekly Mystery Pull Box! 09/22/2021 RELEASES

Guaranteed: Four (4) Mystery 09/22/2021 Release Date Comic Books (covers/books will vary)

Guaranteed: 1 in 15 (max) Lucky Duckie Mystery Spin. Spin to occur on 09/22/2021 at 6:00pm PT via Facebook Live! @mainsteamcomics

Mainstream Mainiacs: If you’ve purchased 15 or more New Comic Book Day Weekly Mystery Pull Boxes you’ll receive (1) extra book just for being a Mainstream Mainiac this week!

🎆WARNING🎆: We Guarantee you will not receive any duplicate books when purchasing  one Weekly Mystery Pull Box. DO NOT purchase more than one Mystery Pull Box each week to avoid duplicates.


Tracking #’s generated weekly (each Wednesday) starting on 09/22/2021. Orders are collected each week Wednesday starting at 9:00am PT thru the following Wednesday up until 8:59am PT. 

Example: Purchase on Wednesday, 09/15/2021 at 9:05am. Your tracking # will be generated on 09/22/2021 by end of day.

Orders go out every single week :) 

EPIC LEVEL MYSTERY WHEEL 3.0: your purchase places your order # with all the other collected order numbers between 09/15/21 starting at 9am PT thru 09/22/2021 ending at 8:59am PT. Your order # MAY be selected to spin the Epic Level Mystery Wheel. This specific weeks Epic Level Mystery Wheel Spin will occur on 09/22/2021 at 6:30pm PT.

You do not have to be present, and if your order # HITS we will notify you. The spin will occur on Facebook LIVE! for transparency purposes!! 

*Comic Book condition will be unread. When we receive order from distributor we will immediately  bag and board. We do not guarantee 9.8 condition. Comics from Distributor generally come in very fine to near mint minus condition. 

**In the event of Shipping delay from distributor Shipping will be delayed!