October Mainstream Mystery Box - 1 in 15 Chance - CGC Graded 9.9 Mint! Batman: Damned #3 is Grand Prize

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Mainstream Mystery Boxes are your chance to maximize your collecting value...and (1/15) One out of Fifteen boxes will come with a CGC Graded book. What an exciting chance to end up with an extra special Freebie! Here’s all the good news...

 -Our October Mystery Box is sold in a 15 box lot(Meaning: we collect orders during the month for this 15 box lot. When 15 boxes are sold we close the lot and ship out each box. That way it really is random. If at the end of the month less than 15 boxes were sold the lot still closes and we begin sending boxes out. What that means is your chances actually improve!). This Mystery Box lot start date is 10/01/2019 and will go on until 10/30/2019. If the lot sells out before 10/30/2019 we will begin shipping the next business day.

-You’ll know the “Special CGC Graded Book” you have a chance to end up with before you purchase a mystery box. (The Special CGC Graded Book you have a chance to end up with in this lot is CGC Graded 9.9 White - Batman: Damned #3

-Each Mystery Box will come with a minimum $30.00 in suggested retail value comic books. Meaning you are spending $30 bucks and getting $30 bucks worth of value

-Each Mystery Box will come with a minimum of one (1) Variant comic book cover

-Each Mystery Box will come with a minimum of one (1) Premium artist comic book cover. These are covers from super popular artists such as “Artgerm”, Alex Ross, Scottie Young, etc., etc.

-Each Mystery Box will come with a minimum of one (1) “#1” comic book. “#1” books are great books to collect as they often begin new stories which is a great gift for loved ones as well.

-Everything else really is a Mystery. The amount of items you’ll receive in a box will vary from box to box, but everyone will receive at least $30.00 SRP of items.


*Photo is for representative purposes only and only One (1) person will receive the CGC Graded Comic

**All Mystery Box Purchases will receive Comic Books with “SRP” Suggested Retail Price if Combined $30.00

***If your order contains a Mystery Box & Other Items we will ship them together, but your order won’t ship until 10/30/2019 unless the 15 boxes sell out prior to that date.