October 2020 Mainstream Mystery Box - On Sale Now! - 📦📦📦SHIPS ON 10/21/2020📦📦📦


October 2020 Mainstream Mystery Box - On Sale Now! - 📦📦📦SHIPS ON 10/21/2020📦📦📦

Disclaimer: You will be billed for your pre-ordered items at the time of purchase.  Due to the nature of collectibles, we cannot accept cancellations on pre-ordered items.  Please review your order carefully before final checkout. Your October 2020 Mainstream Mystery Box will NOT ship until 10/21/2020.

Warning: Some titles you receive may be for Mature Readers. All purchasers are assumed 18+. Please email us at: support@mainstreamcomics.com PRIOR to purchasing if you would like us to build a box filled with “Any Age” reading category.

The Mainstream Mystery Box is your opportunity to maximize your collecting value...and you might even end up with a “Golden Duckie.”

There are NINE Golden Duckies (see image)

There are FIFTEEN Signed Mike Mayhew comic book Lucky Duckies 

There are FIFTEEN Signed Kevin Eastman comic book Lucky Duckies

There are THIRTY Ratio Variant/Retailer Incentive Variant comic book Lucky Duckies

There are TEN Signed Mike Zeck 11x17 Print Lucky Duckies

How exciting that you might end up with an extra extra special Freebie! If you purchase multiple Mystery Boxes you might end up with Multiple Golden Duckies! Here’s all the good news...

  -This Mystery Box lot start date is 09/16/2020  and will go on until 10/20/2020 (or earlier if a sell out occurs sooner) at 11:59pm PST. 

 -We will randomly select via Facebook Live the Mystery Box Order Numbers that will receive the Golden Duckies! (Date and time that Golden Duckies are to be selected will be included in your box). We do it this way to provide the highest degree of transparency in the industry. Everyone claims they double or even triple blind pack the good comics, but come on...how can you be sure?!? Do it LIVE! Lol.

-Each Mystery Box will come with SEVEN comic books.

-Each Mystery Box ordered will come with a “virtual Golden Ticket.” Your Order # is your Virtual Golden Ticket Number. Every Mystery Box purchased means additional Virtual Golden Tickets. (Example: your Order # is 2143 and you bought two boxes your Virtual a golden Ticket numbers are 2143-1 and 2143-2)

-“Golden Duckies” are CGC or CBCS Graded comics and your Virtual Golden Ticket MAY randomly be called and you’d get a “Golden Duckie.”

 -Each Mystery Box will come with a minimum of one (1) Variant comic book cover

 -Each Mystery Box will come with a minimum of one (1) Premium artist comic book cover. These are covers from super popular artists such as “Artgerm”, Alex Ross, Scottie Young, etc., etc.

 -Each Mystery Box will come with a minimum of one (1) “#1” comic book. “#1” books are great books to collect as they often begin new stories which is a great gift for loved ones as well.

-Each Mystery Box will come with a minimum of one (1) “New Release” Comic book. “New Releases” are great because they are stories that have just come out in the last 60 days. Think of it as visiting your local comic book shop on New Comic Book Day...just in a box ;)

-Each Mystery Box will come with a minimum of one (1) “Reader” Comic book. “Readers” are books like True Believers stories, facsimile editions, image firsts, etc. “Readers” are reprints of essential stories and we’d love everyone to sit down and at least ready one comic book each month! 

-Each Mystery Box will come with a minimum of one (1) “Flashback 70s/80s/90s Comic book. “Flashbacks” are excellent books to help relive our childhood classics or collect something from “back in the day.” ;)

 -We’ve also added a new special features to our Mystery Boxes:

 “Lucky Duckies” - A few lucky mystery box customers will receive an EXTRA special freebie. It’s totally random and in the past it’s been items like signed comics, convention exclusives, etc.


 *Photo is for representative purposes only and only one person will receive each Golden Duckie pictured.

In the event you purchased more than one Mainstream Mystery Box technically you could receive both items if your “Virtual Golden Ticket” number was pulled for more than one order.

**Not every Mainstream Mystery Box will receive a "Lucky Duckie"

***All Mainstream Mystery Boxes will come with 7 comic books total.

 ****If your order contains a Mainstream Mystery Box & Other Items we will ship them together, but your order won’t ship until 10/21/2020. If you desire to receive those other items earlier just purchase your Mainstream Mystery Box in a different order so that the Mystery Box will ship on its own.