CBCS Grading & Single Verified Signature Program - Quickstream (Bronze to Present) Max Value per book $1,150

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All Signatures are authenticated by  Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) as of February 15, 2018.

World renowned autograph experts Steve Grad, Brian Sobrero, and their knowledgeable team bring vast experience with autographs from all genres and eras to the forefront of BAS. This includes vast knowledge and examples from artists, creators, etc in the comic book/non-sport market. BAS has authenticated some of the rarest and most valuable items in the industry, a testament to their level of expertise.

Once the item containing a signature requiring authentication is received by CBCS, and entered into the system, BAS begins their autograph examination process. After the autograph has been examined, the book is placed in the CBCS climate controlled vault until grading or encapsulation.

Rest assured that if your autographed comic is in a CBCS case, it has been authenticated and encased by the two best services/partners in the industry. To learn more about Beckett Authentication Services, please go to www.beckett-authentication.com