Mainstream Mystery Grade - CGC Edition3 & CGC Edition4

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Update: 08/29/2020

Shipment is headed to CGC on 08/31/2020.

USPS Tracking # ???? (To he added Monday)

Once the package arrives at CGC for the integrity of the experience we will close out orders.

Estimated “turn around time” from CGC is 25 working days after marked “received” by CGC. 

Ready for an epic fun experience?

These copies have been sitting in a warehouse untouched for over a decade! Here’s what you get when you purchase a Mainstream Mystery Grade...

We are mailing all copies into CGC using our Modern Tier Submission Services. When they return we will contact all purchasers and do a Facebook Live! Reveal.

Please find us on Facebook @MainstreamComics

The order you purchased in is the order you receive!

You are guaranteed to receive a CGC graded copy of either the Edition3 or Edition4 boo (whichever you purchased)...(or both it you bought both hahaha)...the mystery is what CGC grade your book gets! Grades will could get a 9.2?9.4?9.6?9.8?even a 9.9!!! 

We also offer an unbelievable Money Back Guarantee on our Mainstream Mystery Grade Editions. If your copy comes back graded under 9.0 (8.5 or below) for any reason...we will refund your purchase 100%. That’s the Mainstream Difference.